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Sergey Kudryashov

Sergey Kudryashov

General Director, Zarubezhneft
Educational background

In 1991 he graduated from Kuybyshev Polytechnic Institute and in 2006, he took an Executive MBA degree at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Professional experience

1991-2002: he rose from production operator to Deputy General Director (head

of the consolidated production assets) of Oil Producing Enterprise Nizhnevartovskneft;

2002-2003: Deputy Manager of Tomskneft VNK – Head of Strezhevoyneft Oil and Gas Producing Enterprise;

2003-2005: Manager of Yuganskneftegaz JSC;

2005-2008: First Vice President of OC Rosneft JSC, in charge of the industrial sector of the company;

2008-2012: Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation. He was in charge of issues connected with the activities of the Russian oil & gas complex.

2012: First Deputy General Director of JSC Zarubezhneft;

2012 to present: General Director of JSC Zarubezhneft.

Sergey Kudryashov is also the Head of the Working Group of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation for the strategy of the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) development and ecological safety.