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Dmitry Kudinov

Dmitry Kudinov

General Director, Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus
EEF 2019
Including the Far East in Global Value Chains: Effective Strategies
When we talk about various benefits of the Far East, we constantly mention the relative cheapness of human resources and workforce. But in fact, this is far from being the case. The preferential measures that the government spreads in the Far East, stimulate the inflow of capital. And all companies that are beginning to develop here need qualified personnel. Due to the lack of qualified personnel here, we are provoking an increment in wages, and at this point already it is absolutely impossible to talk about the benefits that the Far East provides in terms of wages This benefit does not exist anymore, unfortunately. It will only get worse in the future, because we are seeing the outflow of human capital from the Far East, and, unfortunately, today there are no mechanisms that would help us stop it
EEF 2018
Advanced Special Economic Zones and Vladivostok Free Port: The Present and the Future
The groundwork is set, <…> now our task is to jointly develop this groundwork with various build-ups
EEF 2018
Targeted Infrastructure Support for Business: What’s Next?
In the draft (proposed by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East – Ed.), there is a restriction of 30% on the investment that can be subsidized in the form of tax preferences. And that, I think, is a limitation for the Far East, because here it often happens so that investments in infrastructure exceed investments in the project itself