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Anna Krutova

Anna Krutova

General Director, KinoKvant
General Producer of KinoKvant Film company, Board Member of Association of Film and TV Producers , the leader of strategic initiative "Russian Cinema". Anna Krutova has a psychological education; she studied political technology at Yale University and film production at the school of cinematography at the University of Southern California (USC). She is an author of the dissertations on modern history and psychology, professor. Author of the educational program "Dual model of education for film professionals." Until 2014, she was Vice president of the group of Sergei Selyanov' companies, the leader of domestic film industry.
Since the foundation of the Association of Film and TV Producers she is the Advisor to the Chairman of Board, heads the GR activity and develops the program for spreading the methodologies of leading filmmaking schools across Russian cinematographic universities.
In 2014, with the support of Association she founds the experimental production and promotion company KinoKvant, in order to develop strategic program Russian Cinema for national film and TV production.
Under the leadership of Anna Krutova more than 800 hours of workshops and seminars with the participation of professors from leading film schools of Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, USA has been organized for specialists of Russian film studios.
Today the Association of Film and TV Producers together with the Agency For Strategic Initiatives implements the program "Russian Cinema" headed by Anna Krutova.