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Кремнева Наталья

Natalya Kremneva

Deputy Director, Social Projects Direction, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in Finance and Credit.
The Agency for Strategic Initiatives develops private sector social action, including social entrepreneurship and comprehensive project analysis.
2015–2016: Deputy CEO of Fond Razvitiya Monogorodov (a non-profit organization, part of the Vnesheconombank group), where, among other things, she was in charge of financial aid for investment projects in single-industry cities in Russia and the performance of the Project Office.
2012–2015: deputy head of department in the Ministry for Economic Development, where she supervised investment potential assessment and budget performance, as well as performance of financial development institutions and government guarantees.
2008–2012: management positions in private companies and was in charge of drafting financial feasibility studies and analytics for government agencies.
2003–2008: employed at the Ministry for Economic Development and supervised regulations for financial development institutions and banks.