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Козлов Алексей
Aleksey Kozlov
Managing Director, SIBUR
EEF 2019
India is Russia’s important foreign trade partner in the petrochemical industry. In the composition of Russian exports to India, petrochemical products take up the fourth place. In addition, mutual direct investment and cooperation in high-tech industries have great potential <...> A good example is our joint project with Reliance on the construction of a butyl rubber and halobutyl rubber plant <...> As a result, the Indian site will produce 120,000 tons of finished products, which would allow it to fully substitute its import in India
EEF 2019
Preferential Regimes for Investors: Current Progress and New Challenges
In addition to the work on creating a base regime which has been accomplished by our colleagues, we should add a sector-specific focus. Taxation is obviously very important, as is infrastructure. I think our colleagues will have more to say about personnel and logistics, but for us, things like the introduction of a return scheme for ethane excise are no less important
SPIEF 2019
An Innovation Economy: Opportunities for Smart Specialization in the Regions
Labour mobility in the world nowadays is unprecedented. There is an ongoing battle for talents. We can develop scientific clusters, but we must be sure that talented people are going to live in a comfortable environment. We will not retain real talents by putting barriers
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Role of Investment in Social Sector Development
We are building new high-tech production plants that impose new special requirements on personnel. They are highly qualified employees that we headhunt all over the country. And, of course, these specialists ask for certain social conveniences
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Chemistry for Life
Petrochemical industry may be an engine of economic growth. The analysis shows that, in recent years, the gross world product has been growing at 3%, with chemical and petrochemical industries growing a percent higher. If you compare the GPD growth for 2016, it is only 0.5%, while the chemical production has grown by 11%. And in the following years this rate of growth has persisted
EEF 2018
Advanced Special Economic Zones and Vladivostok Free Port: The Present and the Future
The next step in developing ASEZ is their coordination with priority national projects. In other words, the ASEZ foundation, taxes, customs regime, human resources – the basics – should develop in further industrial superstructures if we want to get world class projects
SPIEF 2018
Spatial Development. Small Regions: From Survival Strategy to Development Strategy
We face the following problems: we need qualified staff, they have certain demands to the standard of living, and the lack of urban infrastructure is of key importance for them