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Кожемяко Олег
Oleg Kozhemyako
Primorsky Territory Governor
SPIEF 2019
Japan has always cooperated and traded with Primorsky Territory, and this still goes on. We have 30 Japanese companies firmly established in the region that see business prospects
SPIEF 2019
I would like to mention a new area that has come into the spotlight for the first time in the Far East – creation of a health centre
SPIEF 2019
Key Principles for Establishing Tourist and Recreational Zones
Electronic visa regime allowed to receive visas and come without submitting documents in person to consular departments. As a rule, electronic visas are used by wealthy travelers who stay at expensive hotels, go to expensive restaurants and spend the money. As opposed to visa-free exchange, tourist groups <…> – this particularly concerns our neighbor China – leave all money in their travel agencies and use the prepaid routes
EEF 2018
Business Breakfast. An Investment Breakthrough for the Regions of the Far Eastern Federal District: What Next?
There is pressure from the regulatory and supervisory authorities, <...> business community <...> considers that to be the major problem
EEF 2018
Roundtable for Russian and Chinese Regional Leaders
For several years, the People’s Republic of China has been among the top three trade partners of Sakhalin Region. With 2 billion US dollars, it came third in the foreign trade of the island region in 2017. Trade volume is growing: for six months of this year it increased by 10%. The structure of Sakhalin exports is largely based on commodities
SPIEF 2018
Presentation of the Results of the Russian Regional Investment Climate Index
The region placed very badly in relation to pressure on business by the federal authorities, so we established a headquarters for the protection of entrepreneurs, which addressed issues related to requirements, including tax inspection, and we were able to achieve quite a bit.