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Котюков Михаил
Mikhail Kotyukov
Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
RIF 2019
Innovative Science and Technology Centres: What Should They Look Like?
There is no money from the budget that will need to be spent on ISTCs. This is not a tool for expanding spending limits
RIF 2019
The Economics of Urban Comfort
Scientific and educational centres in terms we are using today <…> is an intellectual framework of urban agglomeration. These are the links, the programmes that will ensure a sustainable future of cities, which will draw in young people, who at the end will have innovative technology projects created here, in these cities. They will alter these cities, and this is a production line that will inevitably produce only the best practices
SPIEF 2018
The Technological Breakthrough and Spatial Development of the Country
The vast territory of our country is not just a huge challenge, but a great potential to transform into a new quality as well: the quality of economic development and quality of life