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Yuri  Korotaev

Yuri Korotaev

General Director of Duracell Russia
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Ecology as a Measure of Quality of Life
At this investment forum, we want <...> to sign an agreement with one of our country's regions, which will help us to add housing and public utilities <...> schools and offices to the retail network
EEF 2018
National Ecology Project: State Priorities, Business Opportunities
We want to build a federal battery collection network in the country <...> Now, we already have 180 collection points all over the country. Before the end of this year we are going to set up more of those and make it to 560 or maybe even more
SPIEF 2018
Circular Economy: The Russian Model and Foreign Experience
Duracell's experience is batteries collection. We started with the most important thing – retail. We install boxes for batteries disposal in retail outlets. This year, our target is at least 500 boxes. This will give us about 1 thousand tons of batteries, which is 5% of what the country consumes. Batteries go to the only plant in Russia that recycles them