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Igor  Korobko

Igor Korobko

Director of the Department of Science, Innovative Development and Management of Biomedical Health Risk at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
SPIEF 2019
Creating innovative medicines and new horizons in healthcare
The federal law number 180 provides for the production of autologous biomedical cellular products, that is, products derived from a person’s own cells and intended for use by this person. At the same time, the state registration process is structured so that we get a typical product that can be applied to each individual
SPIEF 2019
Healthcare Transformation: How Will Modern Technologies Change Lives?
As treatment becomes more personalized and target medications are used more widely, we face the situation when diagnostic tests are applicable to smaller audience. <…> We face the situation when it is impossible to get a squadron of patience for statistically correct identification of the test sensitivity and specificity