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Корня Алексей
Alexey Kornya
President, MTS
EEF 2019
Digital State: New Business Models Brought by Total Digitalization
When we talk about the digital state, digital services, infrastructure is much more important than the services, because they are secondary. The primary thing is the infrastructural development. <…> I believe that setting up infrastructure is a key factor that will undoubtedly increase effectiveness and create opportunities for the state, for the digital state and its economy
SPIEF 2019
Digital Borders: How to Build Protection in a Transparent World?
As operators, we see that since our industry is somewhat older, our rules and regulations are stricter than the ones in the Internet space or the ones concerning personal data or the ones that concern many other industries
SPIEF 2019
Digital Borders: How to Build Protection in a Transparent World?
Using technological advantage for political purposes is a major problem that is now only appearing. I believe the situation with Huawei is a certain wake-up call, when it comes to this problem. How can we protect our ecosystem from global technological advantage being politicized
SPIEF 2018
Taking Responsibility for the Future: A Long-Term Investment Strategy for Business
Infrastructure increases the availability of services, infrastructure contributes to reducing the level of inequality in society, and the more accessible the infrastructure, the more it contributes to the overall development of society and the achievement of global goals