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Корня Алексей

Alexey Kornya

President, MTS
In March 2018, Alexey Kornya was appointed CEO and President of MTS. PJSC. Since 2008 Mr. Kornya was appointed Acting Vice President and in 2010 began his tenure as Vice President, Finance and Investment, at MTS PJSC. Since June 2016, he has been Vice President for Finance, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Mr. Kornya joined the Company in 2004 as the Chief Financial Officer of MTS Ural macroregion. Between 2004 and 2007, he was Director of MTS Group for Business Planning. In March 2007, he was appointed Chief Financial Controller of MTS Group.

Prior to joining MTS, Alexey worked for North-West Telecom and PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit.

Alexey is a member of the Budget Committee of the MTS PJSC Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of MTS Ukraine PrJSC, member of the Board of Directors of Mobile TeleSystems JLLC (MTS Belarus) and RTC JSC. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and the Strategy and Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors of MTS Bank PJSC.

Alexey was born in 1975. In 1998, he graduated with honors from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.