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Artyom Kopylov

Artyom Kopylov

Director General, Agromig
SPIEF 2019
Open Dialogue ‘Development Pathways for Young Entrepreneurship’
We do not have a mechanism for interaction between entrepreneurs and the government. <...> Standard processes are underway, but should an unusual question arise, it bumps into a wall. Different authorities divert the decision-making process to each other, and as a result, entrepreneurs disconnect from interaction with the government, which they begin to view negatively
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Success Factors: Ideas, Personnel, Skills
If the support measures that the state provides are well packaged and easily accessible to entrepreneurs, the effect will be much greater than when they are scattered, and it is not clear how to access them. [...] It is very important to set up a mechanism for dialogue between the state and business and so that it functions smoothly