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Коломоец Иван

Ivan Kolomoyets

President, Co-Founder,
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Investing in Online Education
If you make a quality product, if you work with child’s motivation, if children like the product, if teachers like the product, if parents like the product, if it is useful and if they enjoy it, then of course children will use it and learn, so it is all about the product’s quality. If it is a high-quality product that can compete with games, with Netflix products in terms of production quality and interest, then children will use it
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Investing in Online Education
Teachers have a problem of basic computer literacy, but if they understand why they need it, why it is useful, they are willing to learn
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Bringing Care Closer: New Possibilities for Rural Russia
When the internet first appeared, there was the idea of equal access to education, but if we look closer, it is too expensive for a child from a remote area to have lessons with a teacher from Moscow. People can’t afford it. Automated platforms provide teachers and children with this access
EEF 2018
Sberbank Panel Session. Education in Transitional World: New Priorities
The use of online platforms allows the teacher to work with each student individually. <...> it dramatically reduces the time needed for acquiring knowledge and frees up time for different activities