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Eduard Klimov

Eduard Klimov

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fishnews
Eduard Klimov was born on 16 December, 1967 in Arsenjev, Primorye Territory, Russia.

After graduating high school worked as milling-machine operator at the Progress aviation plant.

In 1986–1988 served in the Soviet Army.

In 1988 began his studies at the Faculty of Journalism of Far Eastern State University.

In 1991 started his editorial and publishing career.

1991–1992 – leading specialist, scientific production association «Dalrybsistemotechnika».

1997–2005 – general director, International Communicatiom Group (ICG), LLC.

2002–2003 – president, Publishing Group «Novosti», LLC.

In 2005, Klimov established the Russian information agency FISHNEWS.RU

In 2006, he became chief editor of the professional information and analytical magazine Fishnews – news of the fishery industry.

Since 2007 he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fishnews media holding.

Eduard Klimov is a member of the Public Council within the Federal Agency for Fisheries.