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Голохваст Кирилл

Kirill Golokhvast

Vice President for Research, FEFU
International Arctic Forum 2019
Training Specialists to Achieve Growth in the Region
It is impossible to complete a task singlehandedly, by the efforts of a single university <…> The Eastern Arctic is underexplored, and it does not have all that many projects
EEF 2018
Environment and innovation. Preserving the natural ecosystems of the Russian Far East
The 21st century is the age of allergic diseases because we introduce too many unknown substances to the environment. <...> Allergies, bronchial asthmas, <...> oncological diseases with growing mortality rates, and cardiovascular diseases are all of the environmental origin
EEF 2018
The Challenges of New Territories: Space, the Arctic, and the World Ocean
The university is the place where everything that is new in the world is concentrated. FEFU has three priority challenges. We are moving in all directions – with the Academy of Sciences and we have independent initiative projects. Because a new market and a new challenge means new problems, but these are also new opportunities