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Jaakko Henttonen

Jaakko Henttonen

Special Adviser, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland
Jaakko Henttonen (born in 1951 in Finland), Special Adviser on the Arctic Environment at Arctic Eco Advisors Ltd, provides services on the Arctic Environmental issues based on a contract basis with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (05/2018 - ). He has worked as Adviser on Northern Dimension for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) between 2015 and 2017 before which he worked as Director of the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Support Fund (NDEP) in London and St. Petersburg. Mr. Henttonen has been giving presentations at seminars, conferences, workshops and other fora on environmental investments since 1975 both at national and international occasions. He holds a number of other positions of responsibility, such as that of an Adviser to the Board of the Finnish Water Forum (2017 - ) and Member of the Project Advisory Committee for the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation (2015 - ).