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 Хасис Лев

Lev Khasis

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
SPIEF 2019
The Venture and Stock Market in 2019–2020: Can Unicorns Survive IPOs and Continue to Growth?
Present-day unicorns are different from those of the recent past. <...> The time from the company establishment to going public or being sold to a strategist has considerably increased compared to 5–10 years ago
SPIEF 2018
Sberbank Venture Pulse
Large companies - such as Google, IBM, Intel create their own venture corporations. "Sberbank" has its own venture fund. We even see small companies like Slack create their own venture capital funds. This is a small company estimated at a billion dollars, but they already have a USD 50 million venture fund
SPIEF 2018
Sberbank Venture Pulse
Venture capitalists have set records in almost all sizes of transactions. But the number of transactions with unicorn companies with a market value of more than $ 1 billion started to decline
SPIEF 2018
Infrastructure of the Future: How should Business and the Authorities Adapt to the New Environment?
From what we are already doing: we have a joint project with Yandex in the field of e-commerce <...> we got a project in the field of digital medicine <...> we recently announced the acquisition of a corporate messenger called Dialog. <...> We are ready for partnership and cooperation