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major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Катырин Сергей
Sergey Katyrin
President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
EEF 2019
Infrastructure of the Future: Creating New Focal Points in the Far East
In various developed countries, the convention sector accounts for 1.5% of GDP. The UK is a leader in this field. The country hosts numerous events of this kind, which is clearly due to its status as a financial centre. Conventions account for 2.9% of its GDP. In our country, this figure is 0.2%. Clearly, we are still at the learning stage, and are a long way away from leading nations and the global average
EEF 2019
The history of our relationship, which was previously a dialogue, goes back twenty years. At the meeting held in Singapore, a new agreement was signed, the level of partnership was raised to strategic interaction. We hope that the level of political relations, which we consider quite high, will have an effect on economic relations as well
SPIEF 2019
SCO Without Borders: Integration of Transport Infrastructure
I imagine that we cannot do without general legislation uniting the SCO countries, because for certain initiatives, I imagine that things will be difficult to organize
International Arctic Forum 2019
Small Business, Big Potential
If the development of the Arctic is on the political agenda, then the state should look after the business there
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Export Accelerator: Learning to Trade Globally
The first thing we need to do is learn how to use the tools that have already been tried and tested, including trade missions and embassies; <...> the whole system that was being developed for decades
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Quality of Life for the Older Generation: Programme Implementation
The society, as of today, is not ready to cooperate with the older generation, because none of our senior people believes it to be an infringement of their rights – the fact that they are not hired after they turn 50. Everyone thinks that this is normal, that this is just the way it is: ‘I am 50 already, so they do not want me anywhere’,
EEF 2018
Russia–Republic of Korea
The figures on Korean investment attracted to the Russian economy are very modest today. The share of investment in the Far East by South Korean companies remains rather low, and we hope that it will increase
SPIEF 2018
Presentation of the Results of the Russian Regional Investment Climate Index
We must somehow put a stop to the normative itch: we have an incredible amount of documents drowning business, and this affects the investment climate.
SPIEF 2018
New Areas of BRICS Trade, Economic and Investment Cooperation within BRICS under South Africa’s Chairmanship
Many of the BRICS countries consider that often our countries and some of our banks get a biased evaluation. We would like to see more neutral ones that we can further relate to
SPIEF 2018
The Next Stage of the SCO Business Agenda
The SCO grows and expands. There are observer countries and there are partner countries. We would like to have a stronger investment drive. Last year, economic cooperation within the organization went up 30%. In the Russian commodity turnover about 20% falls on the SCO countries