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Карисалов Михаил
Mikhail Karisalov
Chairman of the Management Board, SIBUR
Russian Energy Week 2018
Identifying a Strategy to Succeed on the Global Petrochemical Market
Over the past 40 years, the industry [oil and gas chemistry] has seen steady growth at the rate that was significantly higher than the global GDP growth rate, and, according to industry experts, this trend will continue in the near future. The consensus forecast of industry experts is that the petrochemical industry will double by 2030. Today, it amounts to USD 4.5 trillion overall
SPIEF 2018
New Urban Environments as a Catalyst for Investment
A great many people are attracted to digitalizing content: coding, hardware... We have concluded that this is a very insignificant part. The main aspect is transforming an organization’s approaches to work, to staff appraisal, to training
SPIEF 2018
Breakthrough in the Far East: How to Become a Leader for Growth in Private Investment
We witnessed a evolution of this legislature, namely the extension of its lifecycle as initially the TAD law presumed it would be in operation for 3 years. Taxation code amendments have been adopted in 2017 that extended this legislature to 9 years. Thus, it’s a long-term benefit for the investors working on large scale projects with CAPEX over RUB 100 billion <…> Aside, I’d like to announce that tomorrow we’re planning to sign a basic agreement with Gazprom for the span of a few decades that would cement the intentions we spoke about at various stages of 2017