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Marc Carena

Marc Carena

Director General, McDonald’s in Russia
EEF 2019
The Digital Transformation of International Trade: E-commerce and Beyond
The move towards digitalization has, of course, allowed us to improve quality and promotion. There is now a trend for personalization in marketing, with the aim of improving customer experience <…> Closer collaboration with regard to data, with the aim of simply getting to know our customers better. <…> We have significantly improved our customer satisfaction indicators thanks to digitalization
EEF 2019
Productivity Leaders: Drawing on the Asian and European Experience to Support Regional Growth
The majority of our recent progress in this area (improving labour productivity — Ed.) is happening thanks to digitalization. What have we done in Russia? We modernized all of our facilities; we’ve digitalized all of our preparation procedures. <...> As a result, we were able to lower order wait time by one minute over the last year. You currently have to wait an average of 140 seconds from the moment you’ve made your order to the moment you receive it. In certain locations, we’ve been able to reduce this time to 120 seconds. All of this increases customer satisfaction
SPIEF 2019
Smart Regulation of the Consumer Market
The laws are not just outdated, they are interpreted differently in different regions
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Developing Socially-Oriented Education in Russia’s Universities
At the moment, the unemployment rate is high, and there is a chance to get the introduction to a work environment as someone who belongs to that category. Or, to avoid unemployment, one can start working at McDonald’s, for example,