non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Карелин Александр

Aleksandr Karelin

Member of the Committee on Energy, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Three-Time Olympic Champion in Greco-Roman Wrestling
EEF 2019
Olympism and the Asia Pacific: Global Mutual Influence
Mutual influence – a highly complementary one. Now it makes it hard to tell original European values that stemmed from the European culture from the highly important and exuberant additions that adhered with the help of the Asian part of the world
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Towards Life Expectancy of 80 Years in Russia: Challenges and Solutions
It needs to be cool and fashionable to be sporty, flexible, and ready to handle the challenges of the day. 86% of those surveyed want to be physically active, and 68% of those same respondents aren’t doing this when they have the opportunity. It’s vital to take the idea of a healthy lifestyle and present it in the right way