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Aleksey Kaplun

Aleksey Kaplun

Council Member, EUROSOLAR Russia Non-Profit Partnership for the Development of Renewable Energy
Russian Energy Week 2018
Unlocking Russia’s Potential in the Global Renewables Industry
The projects (for introduction of energy supply systems in isolated territories, – Ed.) remain <...> as single ones <...> carried out by enthusiasts. <...> Therefore, we have a developed wholesale market, but the market of isolated territories is undeveloped. Unfortunately, that is a problem <...> It is not only the matter of economic efficiency, but also, more generally, of energy infrastructure availability for a number of <...> consumers <...> For us, reliability and economic efficiency are not always the same things <...> There should be other incentives < ...> that would allow the public to get access to infrastructure that <...> is going to <...> be based on renewable energy facilities. All countries facing similar challenges have already taken this path