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Athina Kanioura

Athina Kanioura

Chief Analytics Officer, Global Lead of Accenture Applied Intelligence, Accenture
An accomplished innovator and data scientist, Dr. Kanioura was a founding member of Accenture’s analytics business where she ran sales and customer analytics globally and drove the company’s offering development around customer relationship management and personalization. As Accenture’s global data science lead for the past 3 years, she grew Accenture’s data science team to more than 3,000 strong. Most recently, she helped clients from the consumer goods, banking and telecommunications industry, where she is known for her deep relevance and impact.

During her 14 years at Accenture, she’s held a variety of roles and built up a portfolio of specialties. Athina originally joined Accenture Marketing Services to stand up our Marketing Analytics CoEs in 2005, moved on to be the Global Customer and Marketing Analytics Lead for Accenture and 3 years ago the Chief Data Scientist.

Athina specializes in data science, applied statistics and machine learning and has 14+ years of practical experience in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Statistical Methods.

Athina has held various Teaching Positions in Imperial University, UMIST and Sheffield University. She holds a PhD in Macroeconomics and Econometrics from the University of Sheffield (UK). She is based out of London where she lives with her husband and two sons.