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Lee Kang-deok

Lee Kang-deok

Mayor of Pohang Metropolitan City
EEF 2019
Russia–Republic of Korea
Cooperation between universities (the agreement between the Far Eastern Federal University and the University of Pohang) technology parks (the agreement with the Russky Technopark), creating joint ventures and start-ups will strengthen cooperation. Tourism can have a great effect. In November, we plan to start cruises from Pohang to Russia and we hope it will be a popular destination
EEF 2018
Russia–Republic of Korea
I would like to make a proposal on practical interregional cooperation in the creation of an international tourism belt of the East Sea basin. First, the opening of the Pohang-Vladivostok cruise route […] with a further connection with the Japanese cities of the Western Sea of Japan and with the formation of a cruise triangle around the East Sea […] Second, I propose opening a regular Pohang-Vladivostok ferry route