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Anastasia Kalinina

Anastasia Kalinina

Head of Eurasia, World Economic Forum

Anastasia Kalinina is the Head of Eurasia at the World Economic Forum. As part of her responsibilities, she curates regional agenda through engagement with governments, civil society, academia, expert communities, and research organization partners in Eurasian countries. Previously, she has worked with the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum, which is a network of over 450 city-based Hubs around the world led by young people between the ages of 20-30 who self-organize to have impact in their cities. Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, Anastasia directed the launch of numerous global projects such as WomenHIV platform and Social Camp in Russia, Coaching for Development in Nepal, Palomar5 in Germany, and many more. She has run her own initiatives targeting young entrepreneurs in Switzerland, Germany and France. She has launched and implemented a two-year project in St. Petersburg, Russia helping women and children in difficult life situations. Anastasia holds a BA in Literature from St. Petersburg State University, BA in Humanitarian Sciences and Arts from Bard College, MA in Communication Studies from University of Northern Iowa, and MSc in Human Rights from London School of Economics and Political Science. She is a John Smith Fellow, an honorary member of the International Project Management Association, member of international trade professionals network NASBITE, and a Global Leadership Fellow of the World Economic Forum. Her interests include global affairs, governance and leadership, sustainability, emerging technologies and social innovation.