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Igor Kagramanyan

Igor Kagramanyan

First Deputy Chair, Committee on Social Policy, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
SPIEF 2019
The Architecture of Public Health: International Experience and National Priorities
The situation in Russia today is unique in that the political will is clearly there. Resources are being allocated, and there is a willingness to implement these projects among society, public institutions, municipal governments, and the regions [to improve public health, – Ed.]
SPIEF 2019
Are Corporate Healthcare Programmes a Fashion Trend or a Basic Need?
Motivation has always been key. <…> We need to make healthy lifestyle a trend, particularly among the young. From the state, societal, or individual point of view it is a basic need: corporate wellness programmes and their role in forming the public health system
SPIEF 2019
Government and Business in the Social Sector: Identifying New Sources of Growth
The main task of the priority national projects is providing a technological breakthrough for our country and thus improving the quality of life for the people. Priority national projects are powerful locomotives for the entire country, for every person. They simultaneously converge the efforts of the government and the business in improving both technological and social spheres in our country. Priority national projects are the link that joins together business and the state in fulfilling social goals
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Towards Life Expectancy of 80 Years in Russia: Challenges and Solutions
We talk a lot about the individual, on motivating them to live a healthy life. Our objective is to improve regulations in this area, including through limiting harmful factors