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Иванов Петр

Petr Ivanov

General Director of Federal Passenger Company
SPIEF 2019
Key Principles for Establishing Tourist and Recreational Zones
The long-term development programme of Russian Railways implies a huge number of events that will ensure the increase of traveling speed in the long-distance railroad passenger service. First of all, these are the directions that connect the country with the maximum passenger traffic. <…> Now the Russian Railways can invest not only in the infrastructure, but also in the rolling stock
SPIEF 2018
Tourism Cash Flows: Exporting Tourism
Truly high requirements are imposed on the cars, because comfort is the most important criterion for a railway travel
SPIEF 2018
Tourism Cash Flows: Exporting Tourism
Over 4 years, the number of Chinese tourists taking a railway tour showed a 4-fold increase. Europe holds the first place today. We also focus on the Indian and Indonesian markets which show great interest in Russian tourism products