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Roman Ishchenko

Roman Ishchenko

Chairman, Baikal Strategies Business Club; Chairman, Irkutsk Regional Branch, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Born on May 12, 1973 in Angarsk.
1995: graduated from Irkutsk Institute of National Economy in Management and Economics.
Since 1990: has implemented over 10 entrepreneurial projects in such areas as trade, construction, manufacturing, tourism, etc.
2000: managerial skill upgrade course, Baikal International Business School, Irkutsk State University
2004–2007: created Hi-End Management Club as part of a Management Training Programme
2012: joined the Delovaya Rossiya Public Council as part of the Business Against Corruption Programme.
2015: part of the team that launched Baikal Strategies Business Club
April 2016: Chairman of Baikal Strategies Business Club
March 2016: Chairman of the Delovaya Rossiya Office in Irkutsk.