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Илюхин Владимир

Vladimir Ilyukhin

Governor of Kamchatskiy Territory
EEF 2019
Increasing the Investment Appeal of the Far East
We have kept direct measures of financial support for business. <...> Firstly, we are talking about business on the ground floor setting up its operations. Such support is essential for them. The demand for micro financing remains high
EEF 2018
Business Breakfast. An Investment Breakthrough for the Regions of the Far Eastern Federal District: What Next?
Indeed, many things can be prevented in order not to conduct <...> effort consuming inspections. <...> Today, the businesses are not very well informed on what can and what can’t be done
EEF 2018
Roundtable for Russian and Chinese Regional Leaders
The trade volume between the People’s Republic of China and Kamchatka exceeded USD 300 million last year. I’d like to speak about joint projects that are successfully implemented in Kamchatka with the participation of Chinese partners. The first one is creating a multifunctional port and industry park of international level on the site of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Commercial Sea Port. The total volume of investment into this project is about 20 billion roubles. The second one is construction of a tourism and recreation complex in Paratunka