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Vasiliy  Ignatiev

Vasiliy Ignatiev

CEO, R-Farm
SPIEF 2019
Innovative development of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Russia: keys to success
What does it take to persuade a Russian bank to issue a loan for investing in R&D? <...> They fear it as the devil fears the holy water. If you succeed, you need to include production sites, property rights for real estate, etc. RVC along with some other development institutions offer financing mechanisms, but it is not enough
SPIEF 2018
Life Sciences in 2030: A New Era for Biotechnology
In Russia, many projects are conducted in a format of collective development at the junction of commercial players and academic science in the universities. Here we face the lack of a culture of protecting intellectual property rights of scientific groups. Often times, research teams do not have enough resources and they simply ignore timely protection. A negative factor is a KPI development by the regulator, when the scientific teams are evaluated by citation indexes and publications. They chase it and go out into the public field before it's necessary, and lose the opportunity to patent their designs
SPIEF 2018
Providing Medications to the Russian Population
An auction is not an appropriate means of procurement when there is an original drug and a single producer who is not competing with anyone. We need to enter into more price negotiations based on long-term demand and price vs. volume