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Гурвич Евсей
Evsey Gurvich
Head of Economic Expert Group, member of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation
SPIEF 2018
The New Economic Povestka* (NEP): The What, the How, the Who?
The aims set out by the President address two categories. Social policy aims include halving poverty and improving living conditions for at least 5 million people each year. These aims are undoubtedly achievable. <...>The second set of aims are connected with economic development and accelerating growth. Here I see serious problems. <...> There are constraints of an internal and external nature. Given the demographic situation, we have entered into a long period whereby the working population is in decline. This will manifest itself as soon as we achieve economic growth of 2–2.2%. <...> External constraints include the current sanctions, unpredictable prices for oil and other resources