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Vladimir Gruzdev

Vladimir Gruzdev

Chairman of the Board, Association of Lawyers of Russia
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
The Competitive Edge of National Jurisdictions: Drawing on Russian and African Experience
For the past 4 years Russia–Africa trade reached USD 20 billion. It is a notable growth, nearly twofold, yet it is not enough as historically our countries cooperated a lot: it was not only military and engineering, but culture and education as well
SPIEF 2019
Protection of Investor Rights as a Catalyst for Economic Development
Cybercrime is a new phenomenon, which rapidly – not just enters, but breaks into – our lives as economic beings. And often we are not ready for that
Russian Investment Forum 2019
The Competitiveness of the National Jurisdiction: New Directions for Development
In 2018, 21 thousand administrative claims were filed requesting the review of land and structure values in the cadastre. 97.5% of these claims were approved. <…> If so many claims are being approved, you have to wonder: is a systematic approach not working or is it working unfairly?
SPIEF 2018
Competitiveness of Russian Jurisdiction: Rebooting the Legal Environment for Business as a Pathway towards a Trust Economy
New laws drafted and adopted to form the legal framework for the national economy’s transition towards a digital path resulted in the Russian jurisdiction acquiring new competitive advantages. Objectives set by ‘traditional’ economy retain their relevance: what are the best international practices that should be used to ensure advanced development of Russian jurisdiction? Where are the limits of the regulator's trust in business? How can improvement of Russian legal system stimulate development of the economy of trust?