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Грудинин Михаил

Mikhail Grudinin

President, Giprogor Project City Planning Institute of Spatial Modelling and Development
EEF 2019
Infrastructure of the Future: Creating New Focal Points in the Far East
A proposal has been made to hold a working meeting together with Roscongress, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, the Ministry of Construction, and the Government of Primorye Territory on building a digital district. I call this a ‘convention’, because the trigger here is the convention and exhibition centre. <...> We need to endeavour to establish such a centre in this district, covering all areas which exist on Russky Island, and which are outlined in presidential orders and decisions made by state corporations, and in the context of the development of the FEFU
EEF 2019
Infrastructure for the Data Economy: New Opportunities for Cooperation between the Far East and APR
This year, we are 100% switching to BIM design – Building Information Model – up to the very last employee. The Government responds accordingly: on behalf of the President, starting from 1 June this year Glavgosexpertiza accepts project documentation completed under BIM standard
EEF 2019
High-Tech Business: Identifying What Is Needed to Achieve Fast Growth
We have developed an interesting topic: the digital economy ecosystem <…>, the IT City project. This is going to be an international innovative digital area of 600 thousand square metres for 20–30 thousand people. This is the topic when a city for successful hi-tech business development is being created