non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
Восстановление пароля
Введите адрес электронной почты или телефон, указанные при регистрации. Вам будет отправлена инструкция по восстановлению пароля.
Некорректный формат электронной почты или телефона
Громов Алексей
Alexei Gromov
First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office
Born in 1960 in Zagorsk (Sergiev Posad), Moscow region.
Education: Moscow State University, Historical Faculty, Department of Southern and Western Slavs, degree in history, 1982.
1982–1996: Worked in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1982–1985: Secretary of the Soviet Consulate General in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
1985–1988: Attache at the Soviet Embassy in Prague.
1988–1991: Third secretary, second secretary in the Secretariat of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR.
1991–1992: First secretary of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
1992–1993: Consul of the Russian Consulate General in Bratislava, Slovakia.
1993–1996: Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia.
1996–2000: Head of the Presidential Press Office, then Head of the Presidential Press and Information Office.
2000–2008: Press Attache of the President of the Russian Federation.
Since May 12, 2008: Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office
Since May 21, 2012 — First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office
Speaks fluent Czech, Slovak and English.
Married, two sons, Alexey and Danila.