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Sun Guoqiang

Sun Guoqiang

President, Zhongding Dairy Farming Co., Ltd
Sun Guoqiang, male, 39 years old, CEO of the Zhongding United Dairy Farming Co.,Ltd (“Zhongding Dairy”., graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University. He worked for Mengniu Dairy, one of the leading dairy producers in China, for 11 years. During his tenure at Mengniu Group, He has devoted himself to the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese animal husbandry industry by encouraging and guiding the small and medium sized farms for the transformation and upgrading, strictly controlling the quality of raw milk, so that to enhance the competitiveness of China's dairy industry. Since January 2014, he has been served as the CEO and director of Zhongding Dairy. Under his leadership, Zhongding dairy management team has promoted the new association model of“integration small medium sized farms, full controlling management” to the whole country. Zhongding dairy has expanded 140 farms in three years with more than 100,000 cows under its management. It has created more than 10000 job opportunities for local farmers and become China's largest innovative dairy farmers' association and animal husbandry management company. On December 10, 2015, Zhongding dairy listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations( NEEQ) and won the top ten growth potential enterprises in the first NEEQ Top Enterprise Award. In 2016, Sun Guoqiang won the “Annual Person of the NEEQ Innovation Brand” and the “2016 China Supply Chain Best Person of the Year” by the Asian Brand Organizing Committee. In 2014, Zhongding Dairy Farming launched the “Sino-Russian Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industry Demonstration Park” project. The total planned investment will reach RMB 3 billion, and it has invested nearly RMB 1 billion. It covers overseas farming and animal husbandry planting, breeding parks, railway logistics parks, domestic grain processing, feed processing and dairy processing .Through four years of operation, ZhongDing has a land of 20,000 hectares in Russia, a large-scale dairy farm, a railway freight station, and a 500-ton dairy processing plant. It has built a domestic and foreign trade logistics platform. In December 2017, ZhongDing signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement with the Russian Far East Development Department. In August 2018, China and Russia signed the Trade Protocol on Chinese Dairy Cow Exports. ZhongDing became the first Chinese cow to be approved for trade. Execute the business.