non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Гориловский Лев
Lev Gorilovskiy
President, Polyplastic Group; President, Polyplastic Group; Member of the General Council, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Chemistry for Life
There are certain limitations for utility infrastructure (e.g., for replacement of metal plumbing with plastic — Ed.). It is limitations of utility fees that prevent many water utility enterprises from initiating the renewal of basic assets in the short run
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Regional Bonds as a Tool for Implementing Infrastructure Projects and Improving Quality of Life
On the subject of implementing infrastructure projects, <…> in general, regional utilities are seeing wear and tear of 70% of their water supply networks. In other words, this is a relevant issue for the majority of regions, one that is very difficult to attract investment to. As an investor, we are ready to finance this sector, but we're faced with a number of barriers. <…> Developing and implementing such a mechanism in most of our country's regions could have a sizable impact
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Smart City: From Theory to Practice
“Working with a large number of operating organizations throughout the country, we understand well the problem and the specifics that they face. <...> Creating a Smart City system provides insights, including on real line losses. By processing these, we can move from a standard to a fact, and this is a giant step in the development of this industry,”