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Глазьев Сергей
Sergei Glazyev
Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation
EEF 2018
The Digital Economy: Opportunities and Prospects for the Far East
The digital revolution provides tremendous opportunities in the monetary sphere. <...> We are talking about the birth of a fundamentally new type of money: not just crypto-currencies, but rather national digital currencies
SPIEF 2018
The New Economic Povestka* (NEP): The What, the How, the Who?
The development strategy is well understood – it encompasses modernization and a technological revolution based on the new technological wave, which will grow at 30% per year. It is a dynamic catch‑up initiative in areas where we are close to leading the way (for example, in aviation, where manufacturing could be increased several fold). It is processing resources more deeply, increasing added value several times over, and ensuring that we catch up in the development of assembly lines in sectors where we have been lagging behind