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Ivan Glazachev

Ivan Glazachev

Chief Executive Officer, Yandex.Money
Professional Experience

Mr. Glazachev began his career path in the Ministry of Economic Development; later he worked as auditor at Duca Credit Union bank.
In 2004, Ivan got a job with Chronopay as a financial manager; 3 months later he became senior financial manager. His professional achievements did not go unnoticed: in six months he took the position of deputy CEO, and after nine months he became head of the Chronopay office in Russia.
From 2007, Mr. Glazachev worked at Russian Standard Bank; at the time of his departure from the credit organization, he served as Executive Director for acquiring and electronic payment services and held a position on the bank’s management board.
In March 2017, Ivan Glazachev became head of Yandex.Money.


In 1999, Ivan graduated from the Moscow State University of Commerce, and in 2003 he completed studies at the Schulich School of Business, York University in Canada.