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Kirill Gaidash

Kirill Gaidash

Chief Executive Officer, Microgen

1995 — graduated from Ordzhonikidze State Management Academy with the specialty «Information Systems in Management».


Worked at the Public Joint Stock Company «Sberbank of Russia». Held senior positions at the State Corporation «Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations» and at the Public Joint Stock Company «VTB Bank».

Since 2008, K. Gaidash was the Director for Economics and Finance at the State Corporation «Rostec», was engaged in the formation of the Corporation’s economic, financial and budgetary policies, organizing and controlling the implementation of the budgets of the Corporation’s organizations, attracting budgetary and extra-budgetary funding for activities and programs in order to increase the value of assets, and other issues of financial and economic activities of the Corporation.

Since 2015 — Director General of the JSC «SIC» «Microgen».


K. Gaidash was assigned the title of the «Honored Economist of the Russian Federation».