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Габуния Филипп

Philip Gabunia

Director, Insurance Market Department, Bank of Russia
Professional Experience

2004–2008 — held the positions of analyst, senior analyst, Head of Division for Interaction with Federal Executive Agencies, OOO Budgetary Relations Research Centre;
2008–2012 — Head of Strategic Planning (Programmes) and Budgeting Methodology Department, Deputy Director of Budget Planning and State Programmes Department, Director of Department for Integrated Economic Space Development, Director of the Department for Economic Cooperation and Integration with CIS Countries of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;
2012–2013 — Deputy Head of the Presidential Expert Directorate;
2013 — conferred class rank of the state civil service of the Russian Federation: Full State Counsellor 2nd Class of the Russian Federation;
2013 — appointed adviser to the Chairman of the Bank of Russia;
2014–2018 — Director of the Department for Collective Investment and Trust Management at the Bank of Russia;
In May 2018 appointed Director of the Insurance Market Department.


Graduated from the State University Higher School of Economics, majoring in Finance and Credit.