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Fumihiko Yuki

Fumihiko Yuki

Vice-Minister for Infrastructure, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan
8 October 1960  Born in Shimane

Graduated from Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo


Joined Ministry of Construction (MOC)

May, 1989

Director of Land Use Division 1, Land Use Department,

Tohoku Region Construction Bureau, MOC

September, 1990

Deputy Director of Urban Policy Division, City Bureau, MOC

April, 1992

Director of Regional Development Division, Planning Department,

Fukushima Prefecture

July, 1998

Director of Real Estate Investment Market Office,

Construction Economy Affairs Bureau, MO

July, 2000

Director for Personnel Affairs, Personnel Division, Minister's Secretariat, MOC

July, 2002

Executive Officer for Housing Planning, Housing Bureau,

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

October, 2006

Director of City Planning Division, City and Regional Development Bureau, MLIT

April, 2009

Deputy Mayor, Kyoto City

September, 2012

Counsellor, Cabinet Secretariat (Cabinet Affairs Office)

July, 2014

Deputy Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, Minister’s Secretariat, MLIT

July, 2015

Director-General, Housing Bureau, MLIT

July, 2017

Director-General, Policy Bureau, MLIT

July 2018

Vice-Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Hokkaido Development, MLIT