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Франк Ксения
Xenia Frank
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation.
RIF 2019
Healthy Life Expectancy: The Foundation of Social Development
Almost half of the people who are cared for by their family may die prematurely simply because the family cannot provide this care
SPIEF 2018
The Russian Youth Economic Agenda 2018–2024
In our programs we pledge as much money for education and internship as much as we budget for the grant itself, because the opportunity to travel around Russia, go abroad, feel the project first hand, what a sociocultural project can grow into, - we consider it our key contribution,
SPIEF 2018
The Efficient Development of Long-term Care and Palliative Care: the Responsibility of Government or Society?
We stand for the informal care system, which is impossible without a strong community, which in turn also needs to be cultivated
SPIEF 2018
Made in Russia: National and Regional Branding as Tools for Economic Development and Promoting Russia around the World
We must teach ourselves to sell our traditional crafts in such a way as to win the attention of today’s consumer. <...> We need to unite the efforts of the entire community around these small brands, and primarily those of the local community and local government