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Georgy Fomenko

Georgy Fomenko

Chairman of the Board, Cadaster Research and Design Institute
Chairman of Management Board, Kadastr Institute
Post-Doctoral degree in Geography, Professor
Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Member of the Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Georgy Fomenko is an expert in interdisciplinary research of relation patterns for the Environment – Society – Human model. He’s mainly focused on institutional basis of environmental management and environment protection, analysis of social and cultural aspects of management decision, environmental risk management as the crucial factor of a society’s environmental modernization. Mr. Fomenko is the author of many scientific studies on institutional aspects of environmental management from the point of view of innovation development , theoretical and practical aspects of social and cultural methods on environmental management. Part of Georgy Fomenko’s studies are dedicated to transition from industrial economy to the green growth stage, aiming at sustainable development; upgrading the methods of natural resources and ecosystem services assessment; creating indicators of sustainable development and green economy, as well as the system of environmental and economic accounting.
Mr. Fomenko oversees research projects initiated by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Russian Statistics Agency and the Federal Service for Environmental Management Supervision. The main aspects of the projects are transition to green growth, introducing economic mechanisms of state environmental management and protection, creating environmental and economic indicators and developing methods of environmental damage assessment.