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Maxim Filimonov

Maxim Filimonov

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Editor, TASS Russia
SPIEF 2019
The Potential and Prospects for Developing the Digital Economy in the Russian Regions
Digitalization has become one the country’s key economic development tracks. However, it is not limited to just economic categories, because access to digital technologies changes everything: it improves the quality of life, makes industrial facilities and agriculture more efficient, makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to reach out to customers and to access information – including media – and allows to completely change the relations model between a citizen and a government and even to develop new forms of democracy, such as e-voting
SPIEF 2019
How Can Financial Centres Survive in the Era of FinTech?
Development of financial technologies is at the height of public interest. This Forum offers multiple sessions on all aspects of Fintech. It stirs interest of both those who generate and provide these services, and those who consume them
International Arctic Forum 2019
National Projects in the Russian Arctic: Implementation Mechanisms
Severe environmental conditions and complicated logistics leading to high construction costs result in high percentage of dilapidated housing, there’s shortage of new housing