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Valery Fedorov

Valery Fedorov

Director General, Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM)
SPIEF 2019
Trianon Dialogue Providing Education of the Future
We have surveyed young people aged 18–35 who study French at a university or independently. <…> The expect that French education will help them get a better job in Russia. <…> [They] wish to get French education not to change their professional or personal trajectory but rather to obtain better competences in their field
EEF 2018
How Can Volunteers Help Develop the Far East?
We asked which areas need volunteers most. In the first place, of course, comes the support of socially vulnerable groups of the population (46%), second – environmental protection (23%), third – helping people in difficult life situations (22%), then comes healthy lifestyle (19%), and last one in the top five is the development of urban environment (18%). <...> 19%, or about 22 million people across the country, say they are ready to participate in a variety of volunteer initiatives. Another 49% say they are ready to consider it. The potential is enormous