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Ruben Enikolopov

Ruben Enikolopov

Rector, New Economic School
Russia House in Davos 2020
Quantum Challenge for the Future
The quantum revolution is the most optimistic of all previous technological revolutions. Quantum computers will expand the possibilities available to humankind — this is the main difference of the quantum revolution. Quantum technologies will add to humans’ abilities. It will all start, probably, with financial services. New materials will be created. The ability to predict the behaviour of separate molecules will help cure cancer
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Science and Society: A Strategy for Future Generations
We have discussed the problem of trust between society and science, but I believe it is not the problem. There is trust, but there is no interest. At this stage promoting science means explaining the importance of science to people that are not involved in science, explaining its importance for them, their lives, and the lives of their future children