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Elena  Kudryashova

Elena Kudryashova

Rector, Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU)
International Arctic Forum 2019
Training Specialists to Achieve Growth in the Region
It goes without saying that today we face global challenges and trends: it is a change in the management model in business and in public administration; it is a change in consumer preference; it is greener lifestyles and manufacturing processes; it is globalization of processes happening in the world
International Arctic Forum 2019
The Accessible Arctic: Standards, Safety, and Sustainability
Last year a catalogue of one hundred next-generation professions was published. <...> As part of this work, both social processes and technological challenges were identified, which are to tip the emergence of new specialists in our country shortly, by 2035. The social processes include globalization, a shift in management models for both business and the state, the expansion of the middle class and a transition of consumer preferences, the greening of lifestyle and production processes. The technological challenges are the adoption of information and communication technologies, automation, digitalization, and the emergence of new technologies in general