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Еганян Альберт
Albert Eganyan
Chairman of the Board of Directors, InfraONE
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Transport in Russia: Supporting the Development of Major Infrastructure as a Cornerstone of Economic Growth
The problem comes not from the side of the state, but from the side of the market. We are being late with a number of projects that the comprehensive plan has to bring to the regulator – they are nine times less; the capacities of infrastructure contractors that are able to build all this are 14 times less. And the required instruments for the launch are only 1.2 times less, which means that the instruments from the regulator have been prepared. The capital amount that can be attracted to this market from non-budgetary sources is only 3.2 times less
SPIEF 2018
Smart Investments for Smart Infrastructure
You cannot standardize either a concession or PPP. But it is possible to standardize their various elements and their ways interaction among themselves