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Ekaterina Dyachenko

Ekaterina Dyachenko

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, B2B Export
Exporter, expert on international relations and trade, and author of the book Business without Borders

• Founder and CEO of the B2B-EXPORT.COM online platform for the export of Russian goods and the BLOG.B2B-EXPORT.COM online publications on exports

• Co-founder and technical director of AquaPower energy company – a developer, owner, and operator of gas, hydro, and geothermal power plants

• Manager of two federal pilot projects in the working group of the Energy Efficiency Commission for Modernization and Technological Development, one of the creators of the Skolkovo technological entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, and the First Director of the Skolkovo Energy Efficiency Technology Cluster

• She worked at structures of the AlfaGroup and Renova in such areas as international operations and innovations in the energy and mining industries

• She was an analyst and then a project manager at McKinsey & Co in the Moscow and South African offices. She worked on projects in the Chinese, European, and African offices of McKinsey

• Chairperson of the board of trustees of the Change One Life charity foundation

• Education: graduated with honours from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute; completed the corporate MBA programme in Toronto; Candidate for a Master’s of Finance in State Economic Policy at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London