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Oleg Dubyansky

Oleg Dubyansky

Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline Russia
SPIEF 2019
Priority Strategies in the Supply of Drugs
Improving access to medicine costs money. That is where innovative approaches come in. There needs to be a partnership, whereby the government sits down with businesses and has a conversation about where they are willing to fund this expansion
SPIEF 2019
Life Course Immunization: Investing in the Future
It is important to have trust, partnership and a clear vision of our goals and means to achieve them. When we have all of it, we as a company can plan, produce, invest, work with local partners and help our partners in the government to expand the vaccination schedule and vaccinate children and adults
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Infectious Diseases: How to Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?
We see our role in cooperation with the state, expert communities, and doctors. I don’t think we should invent anything, we should use the progress, the best practices that have proved to be efficient in various countries